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Fuck me 4 years ago
He’s so hot
Noname 4 years ago
Loved how much he was into fingering her
Latinagirl 3 years ago
He’s so hot. I would fuck him way better than that girl
4 years ago
She wanted to let him in without a condom
... 3 years ago
Why is he so hot
Roky 3 years ago
Who is she
Are you guys serious? 3 years ago
This guy is too eager, and thinks fucking hard, fast, and strong is a win. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. He may be a stud, but he’s shit in bed.
NMGirl 4 years ago
DAMN he's so sexy, I'd let him get it.
3 years ago
Neither of them do porn anymore. She contracted HIV from this shoot, and the guy commited suicide after testing positive.
Anonymous 1 year ago
Poor girl. There she lies on her back, being plowed by a muscular stud, exposing her perfect body. Yet, she will never feel his thick cream pumping inside her.