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Well fuck 2 years ago
How tf am I supposed to nut if y’all keep switching to the dog? Every time I get close y’all switch to the dog and the dog is just like “Jesus died for your sins and this is how you repay him?” but with Morgan Freeman’s voice.
Cali 3 years ago
Hahah I laughed at the dog part
3 years ago
this is my dream..... being fucked by so many strangers and my pussy full of their cum
Ouch 3 years ago
They were fingering her so rough, that can't have felt good
Andie 2 years ago
I want to set up a huge gang bang like this and let a ton of strange men blow their hot loads in my little pussy. I love the feeling of multiple men cumming inside me and then going home and fucking my husband and letting him cum inside me last.
PETA 2 years ago
That dog part licking the cum was kinda weird.
MDmedical 3 years ago
Did anyone else notice the huge sore on the one guys dick??
SomeRandom 3 years ago
That poor rat.
bruh 2 years ago
how yall gonna let the dog lick the cum like that, that lil rat deserved better
Maxine 2 years ago
So fucking hot cum dripping and they still immediately put another dick in to fuck and fill